Practice Makes Perfect!
Make your dreams come true!
Your efforts would never disappoint you.

Jettie, Cherry, Goldie have each goals in the future.
Jettie would like to be a lawyer to help people in need, so she centers her efforts upon her everyday learning. She also takes part in the community services.
Cherry is so creative that she would like to be an fashion designer. She also wants to manage her own brand and shops. so she keeps in practice at sewing and designing everyday by using her grandmother's antique sewing machine.
Active Goldie would like to be a photographer to shoot the passionate moments of people. So she always dangles a camera from her neck and takes pictures.
They all put their minds to their daily works in order to make their dreams come true. Imaging specifically your future would be able to achieve your goals! It means that you always keep it in your mind and never give it up. Just believe this phrase "Practice makes perfect", and even if you don't realize the progress, just stick to it! Your efforts would never disappoint you!

Any experience has the reason.

"NANA-KOROBI YAOKI" means "Stumble and fall 7 times, but get up 8 times". Life cannot be always fine. Whatever you go wrong, and you feel like growing desperate. But why don't you think like this: This is the time you are at the bottom. You can only go up after that. Do you feel better now? And there are many important things we find by failing. Whenever you stumble fall, just pick up the stones called lesson, then try it again. You will surely do it better! Any experience has the reason. And "Life with full of ups & downs" is meaningful, exciting, and dramatic, isn't it?

Natural High
Anti-Drug movement!

In Natural high school, Shasha, Lin, Coco, and Magnum associate themselves with the anti-drug movement "Natural High". The name of this movement came from the school name and it means 'a euphoric or excited state that is not due to ingestion of drugs or another substance'.
Everybody knows that taking drugs is wrong by reason of the awful influence upon body and social problem. Some people try drugs for the temporary pleasures, and thus they suffer from addiction, and sometimes drugs kill them. They lose not only their dreams and social credits, and people who support them, but their most important family and friends. Drugs destroy dreams, health, credits, family, friends, and everything we need in our lives.
People who dabbled in drugs say, "just out of curiosity." or "because the surrounding people are doing it." The reasons are very trivial. When you do something, you can judge that it is 'right' or 'wrong' filtering through your brain, you are unaffected by other people. It is easy, just think before taking action.
There are many pleasant and enjoyable things in this world. For example, sometimes we can get Natural High with good music, beautiful nature, delicious food, and favorite friends. Making our lives happy without drugs is contingent upon our efforts. It is very healthy and real cool, right?